We are a licensed and insured Toronto-based interior renovation and remodeling firm specializing in small to large scale residential and condominium renovation projects.


We finish what we start.

We help you upgrade your finishes to transform your house or condominium into a luxe living space. We complete interior overhauls by gutting the house to meet today's building codes, making your home a safer, more comfortable and functional living space that reflect your personal aesthetics and way of life.

We'll focus on your project 100% with careful consideration of your requirements from start to finish. 

We'll communicate with you every step of the way and get it in writing ever time.

This means we avoid mistakes, unnecessary stress and complete the renovation within the agreed upon timelines.

We're not only renovation professionals, we're also homeowners and parents who have undertaken repeated total renovations, i.e. gut jobs, and understand how disruptive it is to live through this time. As such, it is our mission to minimize the impact of construction on you and your family, and make your renovation experience a most positive and painless one. 


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A husband and wife team with 15 years' experience in renovations. 


Two peas in a (very well designed) pod.


It all started when we purchased an old and neglected house in the east end of the city. It was a Toronto century home with tiny rooms designed to keep the heat in. The windows and doors were at least 30 years old and drafty.

The kitchen was stuck in the 1960s and the bathroom desperately needed updating. The bedrooms were bereft of storage space. The walls had at least three layers of dated wallpaper. It needed so much work---inside and out! Yet, we saw it not as it was, but what it could be. We could see a wide open space, a modern kitchen with granite counter tops. We could see the beveled subway tiles in the bathroom with the updated shower head and valves, the new sink and counter top, the backyard through new and energy efficient windows...

We fell in love with its potential, bought it, gutted it and finished it! This was the beginning of a love affair with the transformative power of home renovations. And we did it again, and again...

Amidst the demolition and construction, we managed to have two amazing children and stay madly in love with each other. 

We're thrilled that we can share this love of transforming spaces with you.

We'd love to be part of your story.

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Sean Donohue
General Contractor
Project Manager
The Boss.

Maria Donohue
Chief Designer
Creative Advisor
The Boss' Boss.