"To put everything in balance is good, to put everything in harmony is better."



The Finishers provide an end-to-end renovation experience.

From space planning and interior design to project management and renovation completion.

Residential & condominium projects include:

  • Complete planning and design
  • Kitchen renovations
    • Kitchen remodeling
    • Kitchen enlargements
    • Kitchen retrofitting
    • Counter top replacement
  • Bathroom renovations
    • Bathroom remodeling
    • Bathroom enlargements
    • Bathroom retrofitting (e.g. tubs to showers and vice versa)
  • Basement renovations
    • Basement bathrooms 
    • Basement laundry rooms
    • Basement living space
  • Custom mouldings
  • Tile, floor, and fixture upgrades
  • Flooring/tiling
    • Ceramic tiles
    • Porcelain tiles
    • Natural stone tiles
    • Mosaic tiles
    • Custom kitchen backsplash
    • Shower tile design
    • Solid/engineered hardwood, laminate, vinyl flooring
    • Heated bathroom and kitchen floors
  • Fence design and installation
  • Pergola design and installation
  • Lighting management
  • Colour and texture coordination

Sit back and relax. 
We got this. 

Why choose The Finishers?

Because you expect quality and the best experience. 

The Finishers...

  • Work on one project at a time. Your project. This means we dedicate 100% of our resources to complete your project. 

  • Complete your project in the shortest time possible, in days or weeks, not months, while ensuring quality and safety. No short cuts! Need a bathroom remodeled? We'll finish it in less than 4 weeks!

  • Conduct a complimentary in-home consultation to provide an accurate estimate. Once you choose your fixtures and finishes, we firm up the estimate into a quote, which means you know what your project will cost upfront. We minimize the chances of going over-budget and cost over runs.

  • Put everything in writing.
  • Provide thought leadership on design and function of space, as well as materials as it relates to its aesthetics, functionality, cost, ease of maintenance, and durability when narrowing down choices.

  • We'll manage the project for you from start to finish: from planning, permitting, purchasing materials, arranging deliveries, scheduling and managing subcontractors. We'll take care of it for you, so you can sit back, put your feet up and have a latte or gin & tonic!

  • Communicate with you at every stage of the renovation process in a timely and coherent way. We keep you in the loop - even while you're vacationing in Hawaii!

  • Utilize trusted, skilled, and licensed subcontractors such as electricians, plumbers, engineers, carpenters, and other experts to make your space not only beautiful but also safe.

  • Provide a one year warranty.

    And even after we're finished we help you take it to another level...

    • If needed, refer you to realtors who know the Toronto market, who will understand your needs and provide personalized service and attention.

    • If requested, assist with furnishing and decorating your newly finished space.